Chapter submission by Oscar Miro-Quesada for

for Barbara Marx Hubbard's book
Birth 2012 and Beyond


Only the grandeur of the natural world can save our souls”
Thomas Berry

Never before has there been a greater need than now for a resonant field of soul-restorative shamanic consciousness in service to the emergence of a spiritually adept planetary culture. Founded upon sacred trust between humankind and the natural world, the embrace of shamanism as a life path leads to a generously unhindered beneficence of Self. The often-quoted Hopi expression “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” is an irrefutable claim that we are naturally endowed with imaginative and physical resources for catalyzing the evolutionary ascension of a universal humanity. This is the living dream of our re-Membering, the long-anticipated coming together after the separation.

Once we moved through a wilderness where every plant, every rock, and every animal spoke to us, each embracing us in its song. Every moment was animated, charged with vitality and a sense of life-affirming wonder as humanity delighted in the ebb and flow of this fluid correspondence with the natural world. And so long as we were attentive and appreciative, we remained immersed in the abundant spirit of Mother Nature. We viscerally understood our Earth Mother’s personal dream, the diverse expressions of her chosen involvement in cosmic eras and world cycles. Sensitive to the seen and unseen powers and forces of our soul-laden consciousness, we chose to establish deeply inviolate alliances for the greatest good of all. Being cautiously aware of the potentially disturbing impact that self-reflexive consciousness could have upon the seamless interdependence of life, we were careful not to let ourselves be subsumed by materialism. We kept alive the languages needed to cultivate this respectful relationship through ritual, song, dance, sacred pilgrimage, and the co-creative sustenance of earth-honoring community life. In these compassionate ways, people flourished and our children became elders who shared with every new generation the wisdom of the courtesies that allowed the Earth and humanity to peacefully co-exist in sacred trust. This is the story we must reclaim as our human birthright in order to assist the healthful flourishing of All Our Relations.

Any heartfelt practitioner of shamanism in the world today is deeply aware of the vital evolutionary role of this ancestral eco-spiritual tradition. Shamanism has always honored the fact that all meaningful change occurs when the right not to change is first fully accepted. Indigenous culture is based on the understanding that people are not moved through persuasion; rather, people are moved through being aligned in purpose. Most traditional societies that value a soul-infused relationship in their dealings with the natural world remain deeply cognizant that one’s experience of communion and reconnection with the living earth always arouses the desire to act on its behalf. They know that when you act on behalf of something greater than yourself, you begin to feel it acting through you with a power that is greater than your own. This truth is reason enough to justify inclusion of our Original Peoples ancestral wisdom within the dominant global institutions responsible for the social and economic well-being of humanity. I believe there is no more important contribution for the spiritualization of our ethnosphere and for providing sustenance for the evolutionary maturation of our planetary noosphere.

It is evident that humankind stands at a critical threshold regarding the species-wide survival of our Gaian biosphere. As the originator of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition cross-cultural shamanism and visionary founder of The Heart of the Healer (THOTH) Foundation, I am committed to preserving and revitalizing time-proven indigenous lifeways. I hold a deep conviction that the nuanced gnosis and ritualized metaphor expressed in the mythic consciousness and ceremonial healing arts of our Ancient Ones are vital to our planetary survival. As we transition from an overly male-dominated social reality of progressive humanism, to a deeply feminine relational embrace of eco-spiritual animism, today is the ideal liminal moment for shamanism to guide us forward in becoming Homo Universalis—defined by Barbara Marx Hubbard as the evolutionary pinnacle of our human potential.

Whether we choose to associate “humanity’s pay date” with Mayan 2012 prophecy, the Hopi teaching of the emergence of a Fifth World, or the ‘Taripaypacha Pachakuti (“world transformation proceeding the prophesied Era of Re-Encounter”) as called by the descendants of Peru’s Inka. All of these references point to the due date when our debt will be maxed, and when no further credit from a depleted and overtaxed Nature will be extended to us. It is also the time when Nature’s wake-up call, already sounding loudly, will reverberate through the psyche of humanity as a collective experience, as a shared frequency or resonance.

Having heeded a call from Great Spirit to serve as a catalyst for the emergence of such transformational resonance, it is my heartfelt conviction that awakening to this knowledge must be of the highest priority for humankind as a whole. In the words of John Keats, “Do you not see how necessary a World of Pains and troubles is to school an Intelligence and make it a soul? A Place where the heart must feel and suffer in a thousand diverse ways!” This poetic excerpt is a perturbing reflection, an uncanny “mirroring” of this pivotal moment in our human evolution. Unless we choose a direction that honors a “making of soul,” our world shall continue to intensify in suffering and pain.

Facing this unprecedented evolutionary choice as a self-reflexive planetary species, I’m reminded that of all world wisdom traditions born from social necessity to ameliorate human suffering, shamanism is unequaled in matters of soul-making. As the undisputed millennial path of healing service, the visionary insights revealed in shamanic cosmologies are beyond compare when applied to an understanding of our collective unconscious. The existence of shamanism is firmly rooted in the experiential understanding that the cosmos comprises a system of correspondences, notably between microcosm and macrocosm. It is impossible for any earnest practitioner of shamanism today to deny the phenomenology of a soul animated cosmos in which all scales of phenomena coexist in a balanced harmony of relatedness. I often refer to shamanic adepts as “walking theophanies.” They are true visionary disciples of Anima Mundi (the World Soul), who after many moons of deep apprenticeship in the sacred mysteries, became highly skilled at “growing corn and potatoes” (i.e., giving meaningful physical expression), while being guided by her soul-restorative imaginings. They have learned the sacred art of in-forming our world with healing grace and inspired beauty.

When performing artful rituals of reverence for nature befitting of seven generations, the past becomes present. When heartfelt shamanic ceremonies are re-enacted at ancestrally venerated temple sites and pilgrimage destinations, all present are linked in visionary intention and soul-restorative action to all those that have gone before—to our shamanic ancestors and their inner sources of healing power and spiritual wisdom. That said, the Communion of Pioneering Souls—so often invoked through the loving consent of our dear sister Barbara—has been showering blessings on our planet through the intense force fields created by their spiritual practices since time immemorial. I trust all people on our good Earth shall soon be able to Tune-In to these same graces. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Don Oscar Miro-Quesada is a respected Peruvian kamasqa curandero, UN Observer to the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, OAS Fellow in Ethnopsychology, originator of Pachakuti Mesa cross-cultural shamanism, and founder of The Heart of the Healer (THOTH) Foundation. Oscar has dedicated his life to the revitalization of ethnospiritual wisdom traditions as a way to restore sacred trust between humankind and the natural world. A popular international teacher and master ceremonialist, his work has been featured on CNN, Univision, A&E, and the Discovery Channel. Please visit and